Tori Queen has a background in OTTBs and restarting them from letdown to the discipline of choice. Horses are trained in the ring and also hacked out. Tori is happy to work with your green "baby" or to restart horses or handle issues under saddle.

Trina Parslow is a Journeyman Trainer under the Ken McNabb natural horsemanship program. She will be completing her next level of training Summer 2019 to become a Ken McNabb Master Trainer. She is  beautiful quiet and gentle rider who connects with the horse, promoting relaxation and a nice long and low form.


Lessons are offered by Tori Queen in basic foundation, Dressage, Hunt seat, and Eventing. She works with riders of all abilities and ages 5 and up.

Students are encouraged to make annual goals and to work on specific skills while becoming strong riders with soft hands and excellent seats. Students are educated in use of all their aids and taught to ride from their seats. Bareback and no-stirrup lessons are used to accomplished this goal. 

Lesson Fee

Individual Lesson                         $50


Lesson Packages

6 lessons  for                               $270

10 lessons for                              $450

Training Fees

Truck ins/Individual Sessions    $50

30 Days                                         $1,000


Tori                        603-831-8207

Trina                      603-831-6547

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