Scott and I dove headfirst into the equine world! Since we first constructed our barn and opened our doors, we have dedicated ourselves to improving our farm and increasing the range and depth of our services. 

We have added to the farm considerably over the past ten years, creating a top-notch equestrian facility that still has a small farm feel. We continue to update and improve Almost There Farm adding to our infrastructure and services. This is not just a business to us, it is a lifestyle and our passion. We strive  to provide a serene space for other like-minded people to share our equine-related experiences. It is important to us that our farm is a place for respite from stress, and a source of therapy for the soul.

How we got our name

Almost There Farm was born on June 29, 2008 when our first horse, Roxy was delivered. The driver called several times to see if he was "Almost There". Scott was finishing installing the gate and getting the electrical work done and his response to my frantic "Are you finished yet?" was... "It's Almost There!". Thus the farm name was established. Since that first tiny paddock with chicken coop converted to horse shed, we have added many improvements and amenities to our 30 acre farm. 

Scott Snow

Chief Engineer

Scott does a little bit of everything around here from building barns to riding his own horse, Spirit. We started clearing to build the first barn and haven't stopped since. Seriously, is there nothing this guy cannot do? 

Kim Snow

Matchmaker /Head Chef

Kim runs the books, works on the farm and oversees the boarding operation. She manages feeding and accommodations and has a knack on finding the perfect paddock mates. If there was a horse Tinder account; Kim would run it!

Daria Beird

Barn Manager

Daria is truly the muscle and grit of the place.  She left corporate America to clean stalls and paddocks because she likes shoveling this manure a whole lot better than the kind found in the business world. She is priceless to us.

Daria is also going to be on this season's (the 10th) America Ninja Warrior Philly Edition. We wish our very own Ninja the best of luck in May!

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